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5 Best Project Management Software For Startups

Written by Daanish Khan

Bootstrapping requires being able to handle many tasks, wear many hats and keep teams organized and moving. Startups will often use outsourced design and development resources, but managing multiple projects simultaneously can be a challenge. Proper Project Management while developing a healthy, meaningful, and accurate communication link among teams is the first step towards a project’s success.

Project Management aims at integrating pieces of work into a purposeful plan. Combining and connecting the teams working in different environments for varied objectives and goals is not easy to accomplish. Automation has made it possible to get more work done at a sophisticated level by using the right project management tools. These tools provide a framework of flawless project planning and productive team collaboration for achieving the goals within timelines at the highest levels of accuracy.

A useful Project management tool should include some of the following feature enrichments, if not all.

User Interface (UI): An easy to use, eye-catching, and the straightforward user interface is the best to keep the user engaged. A complex user interface becomes dull and boring.

User Friendliness: It must be easy to learn and understand, backed by user support, a library of tutorials, and training from the provider.

Scalability – Covering all the necessary modules to accommodate the growth of teams and the volume of work. An unlimited user option is the best to ensure validity when the teams grow.

Multi-Device & Platform – Must have multi-device support like desktop, tab, and mobile devices. Compatibility with different operating systems is not an option but a compulsion these days.

To-Do Lists – Project Management tools are mainly designed to handle work in pieces. Supporting to-do-lists, sheets, Gantt Charts, and similar utilities provide great help.
Collaboration/Communication – Team management features, using tags, chat, live video meetings, and archives for user communication are helpful features for streamlining the Teamwork.

Integration: It must have integration with must-have tools and utilities like Slack, Dropbox, Evernote, Excel, Google Drive, Google Calendar, PDF, office, and email applications.

Price: Price remains the top most important factor for any startup. The features, security, and stability do have their own cost. The tools having freemium subscriptions and free trial options, indeed, are priority choice for a startup.

1. Trello

Talk about the tabs, and Trello is on top of the list of popular task management tools for a startup. Trello is the full function user-friendly tool offering task management, creating workflow boards, file attachments, assigning collaborators, integration with Google documents, etc.

2. Asana

Asana is equally popular with small and large teams. It has an excellent user interface and an easy to understand integration with market leader tools. It is a preferred tool among the large project portfolios needing a seamless team collaboration. It has a user-friendly list-view style interface.

3. Slack

Slack is the first choice if you face difficulty in managing complex teams. It offers the best integration with apps like Google Docs, GitHub, Trello, etc. Communication is possible through live conversations and access to archives. It can not be termed a Project Management tool in the strict definition of the term but provides an excellent team management environment. It is the preferred choice of giants like Harvard University, Pinterest, Airbnb, Samsung, and many others.

4. Jira

Jira is an Agile project management tool. It supports an agile approach offering its unique and effective workflow. The feature includes support from agile boards to reports and developing projects from a single tool.

5. Teamwork

The salient feature of Teamwork that distinguishes it from others is its central file management system. The users can access their documents, files, attachments, and relevant data from a central storage point. The email integration is supported by the task setting feature for the emails.

We have discussed only the top Five Project Management tools. This ranking is based on our analysis. The opinions of other users can be a bit different. All Project management tools offer almost similar functionality and a set of features. It is just a small variation that makes the big difference only in case of widespread user acceptance. An acceptable to all ranking of these tools is not possible. It is just a matter of having acquaintance and “feeling easy” with your preferred tool.

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